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New and used Alcatel-Lucent modules -1

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Title: New and used Alcatel-Lucent modules -1 
Unit price: Negotiable
MOQ: Negotiable
Quantity: Negotiable
Delivery date: Since the payment date Days delivery

Contact: Jennifer (Ms.)     

We are keep offering new and used Alcatel-Lucent modules at a low price, including Alcatel 1640/1642/1646/1660/1662/1663/1670/1678/1686/1692/1696 and much more. Please email if you need. /
Mobile: 86-18610929409

1AB187280001 3AL81295AA 3AL97080BT
1AB187280031 3AL81429AA 3AL97081AA
1AB194670004 3AL81434AA 3AL97081AC
1AB196350030 3AL81502AA 3AL97083BA
1AB196350031 3AL81692AD 3AL97083CA
1AB196350032 3AL81692AF 3AL97085AA
1AB196350033 3AL81728AA 3AL97086AB
1AB196360004 3AL81812AA 3AL97087AA
1AB196360005 3AL81863AA 3AL97089AA
1AB196360006 3AL81879AA 3AL97090AA
1AB196360007 3AL81879AB 3AL97093AB
1AB196370003 3AL81887AA 3AL97102AB
1AB196370004 3AL81904AA 3AL97102AC
1AB196370006 3AL81915AB 3AL97109AB
1AB196370008 3AL85503AE 3AL97109AC
1AB196370009 3AL85527AA 3AL97165AA
1AB217280001 3AL85527AB 3AL97165AB
1AB382970033 3AL85527AC 3AL97165AC

New and used Alcatel-Lucent modules -1
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